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BWD is a specialist recruitment consultancy with a sole focus on the Financial Services sector. We provide both permanent and interim solutions to our clients nationwide, across several divisions.






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The company was established in 2006 by our three directors; Alistair Brownlee, James Walker and Gareth Davies, with the initials of their surnames establishing the business name. Since the very beginning of BWD’s formation, a set of values and principles has been fixed in place, and these are still at the forefront of the business today.

We have experienced considerable growth from the start of the company, having expanded from the core beginnings of Wealth Management and Sales & Distribution. We now offer permanent and interim solutions to clients nationally across our dedicated divisions; Regulatory, Risk & Compliance, Wealth Management, Pensions & Investment, Sales & Distribution and Actuarial, with further growth on the horizon.

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DO THE RIGHT THING   The right people, for the right opportunity. Partnering with an ethically sound, responsible group 

HUMILITY                        Modest, trustworthy & reliable. We listen and respond, sensitive to our clients and candidates

LOYALTY                          Always there to guide you. Long-term relationships provide profound satisfaction

GROWTH IS GOOD         Expanding your potential. Always helping our clients, our business and employees go further




BWD is a specialist recruitment consultancy dedicated exclusively to the Financial Services industry. With offices in London & Leeds, we offer both permanent and interim solutions to our clients across the UK


  • Access to a network of over 40,000 Financial Services professionals, ensuring we can source the right candidates for the right positions

  • All our staff have LinkedIn Recruiter accounts, which ensures our network continues to expand in the ever-changing landscape

  • We're a headhunting business, which gives our clients access to both the active and passive market

  • Our dedicated marketing division, headed up by a Financial Services marketer with over 20 years of industry experience, provides a unique commodity for a recruitment consultancy


  • Consistency - For every 5 CVs sent, 3 are interviewed; an average across all divisions

  • Loyalty - 80% of our clients have worked with us for over a decade

  • Knowledge – over 150 years' combined recruitment experience

  • Excellent - 98% of our candidates would recommend us



It was an absolute delight to work with the skilled experts at BWD to find my current position.  Having a deep understanding of the sector, they took time to properly understand my experience and goals, thereby ensuring potential vacancies were closely matched. By working closely with the candidate and keeping regular communication, everyone benefits. The long and short of it was, I was offered my new role in a matter of weeks. I can highly recommend you give them a call.

AB, Head of Marketing (Hampshire Trust Bank)

I would highly recommend James to others in Financial Planning or Wealth Management. From the very beginning James was personable, interested and listened to what I was after. He was realistic with expectations and able to offer solutions to problems that were posed. I was not actively looking at the time but James reached out in a personalised manner about a specific opportunity that he, correctly, thought I would be suitable for. He was able to offer me alternative positions to the one he initially suggested so I was able to gain perspective, and flexible to work around my needs.

Financial Partner

James took the time to not only understand my current personal and professional position but also helped me see a new future in a rapidly changing Financial Services Sector. James understands both the company and the candidate he represents resulting in a great personal and cultural fit. The advice, guidance and discussions gave me the confidence to make the next step in my career. James knew the opportunity was the right move for me before I did, and this is testament to his skill and experience in the sector. I would highly recommend James to anyone seeking a new role or a company looking to build their team.

Financial Planning Director

Jordan understands his clients’ businesses well and goes above and beyond in providing relevant and useful preparatory information ahead of interviews. This extended to providing an overview of interviewers’ style, career path and immediate desires for the incoming candidate, which well surpassed information available on LinkedIn. This allowed me to not only prepare for the technical side of my interviews, but also to tailor my interview approach to the interviewers style. I really feel that this gave me an invaluable edge and this has demonstrated that Jordan’s level of commitment to candidate preparation is, in my mind, unrivalled in the recruitment market.

Director of Compliance - Markets

I would highly recommend Harry to anyone looking to change to a different actuarial employer.  He listened carefully to what I was looking for and clearly has good contacts within the industry as he found a number of potential roles that would be of interest which results in a successful move.  Throughout the process he was very proactive and always kept me in the loop of what was going on, including following  up on questions I had with my new employer and dealing with salary negotiations.  What impressed me most was that he didn't give me "the hard sell" or try to persuade me into a role when I wasn't sure - he would give you the space to weigh up the options and make sure you make the right decision.

Actuarial Consultant

Jon is an exceptional recruiter and provided considerable support and guidance from the application stage through to working in the role. This, combined with his considerable knowledge of BNY Mellon and the wider financial industry, ensured that I was extremely well-prepared for the interview process. I can't recommend him enough.

Vice President, Compliance & Control

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CONTACT US 0113 274 3000