Countdown has begun and why social media is like Marmite

The Six Nations has ended and the countdown has begun. Social media is something we have to embrace, but it is not always great.

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Countdown has begun and why social media is like Marmite

Posted on 21/03/2019 by Bret Jackson


The countdown has already begun. Only eleven months to go before the start of the 2020 Six Nations Championship. Going into the final weekend of matches, England, Ireland and Wales all had a chance of winning this year’s tournament, so was very looking forward to being glued to the telebox.


Hopes of a potential English victory vanished in Cardiff, but congratulations to the Welsh team and Warren Gatland, well deserved. Still, I was hoping for a little bit of redemption with us giving the injury plagued Scots a hiding. End of the first half looked very promising, but then a come back in the second half Lazarus would have been proud of happened, ending in a rare Rugby Union draw. Matches like this is what makes the sport and this tournament so great.


Growth is Good

Back to work related matters and a massive congratulations to all the consultants and associated fee earners, for breaking the Q1 record. This is a fabulous achievement, especially due to everything that is going on…….Q2 is already looking good.


A big warm welcome to Sami Tarada and Haleema Hussain, who have recently joined BWD as Resource Consultants. Working in Actuarial & Change Management Divisions, the additional hires are a further demonstration of our intent to expand significantly this year. If you are interested in joining a fun, professional, fast paced, growing business, then get in touch at comms@bwd-search.co.uk


In addition to the new hires, a huge congratulations to James Woods, who has been promoted to Senior Client Director. James has been a consistent performer within the Wealth Management Division. The promotion is not only a reflection of his fee income, but James has introduced new clients to BWD and is an ambassador to the business. James provides guidance, training and support to everyone, especially the newer consultants.


A Minor(ish) Rant

Now something a little off-piste, social media. Love it or loathe it, social media is part of our lives. As a marketer, I have to embrace this area and sometimes I praise it, other times not so much. Twitter is an excellent source of industry news, before they become articles. Reading opinions from industry professionals, on subjects that can be relayed back to relevant team members is excellent. But then you have elements that annoy me greatly. Whilst writing this, Fireman Sam was trending with over 6500 tweets. Of course, I had to investigate this.


So, a couple of ladies had been on breakfast TV, clearly with nothing better to do, wanting Fireman Sam banned, as it is sexist and is putting women off joining the fire service. Oh please, give me a break. Do I find Dora the Explorer sexist, as it puts me off becoming an explorer? No. Ok, a little extreme but so is the concept that Fireman Sam is.


How this made news in the first place and causing trends on social media, is beyond me. I am all for diversity and inclusion in the work place, but this is a whole new level we have dropped to. Anyway, it is time for me to climb off my soap box and back to work. Sincere apologies if I have offended anyone with my article, in no way was it intended to be.