Udder Disgrace

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Udder Disgrace

Posted on 1/03/2019 by Bret Jackson


How disappointing was last weekend? Well for me anyway, very. England beaten in Wales and then my beloved Chelsea losing to Man City at Wembley. To be honest, I didn’t watch the end of the League Cup final, due to the fact I was furious with the Chelsea goalkeeper (Kepa) for disrespecting the manager and refusing to go off. It was one of the most bizarre situations I have witnessed in a football match.  

I was so incensed, I swore at the TV, stormed off into the conservatory and sat in a huff and watched the Antiques roadshow. This was for two reasons. Firstly, this was the channel that came up when switched on. Two, I couldn’t find the spare Sky remote to change over, therefore would have to endure the penalties and get even more worked up. Still, it was an interesting programme and I calmed down with the assistance of a G&T.

On a happier note, I would like to say well done to every consultant in the office, who have all made placements. Even the new guys. Not only a testament to their excellent work ethic and ability, but further evidence the wonderful industry we work in, getting on with matters and individuals putting their careers first.

Sticking with the theme about people, Health and Wellbeing has been in the press a lot recently and is very much justified. BWD now offer staff an extended lunch break (1.5hr) for those that want to go to the gym, yoga, run or any other form of exercise. I also had a productive meeting with our charity partner, Mind Leeds, who appreciated all offerings to staff around this subject, but also discussed other options.

In this meeting, we also discussed the opportunities open to raising money for the charity. They offered BWD two spaces on Total Warrior, a brutal 12k course, 25 obstacles with mud, ice, climbing, crawling and all other types of unappealing things. I said jokingly “I would put this to the team, but don’t hold your breath.” To my amazement, two nutters immediately said they would do it. Whilst I am one of the office gym bunnies, this is one event I will not be participating in but could be fun to watch. So, for our Sales & Distribution contacts, be on the lookout for sponsorship requests in the coming months.

Keeping up to date with all the latest financial news, updates, tools etc, is all part of working in marketing. News agency Reuters, renowned world wide for financial and political news, sometimes come up with something a bit left field. During February, a new app was launched called “Tudder”. a Tinder inspired app is helping farmers match up potential partners for their cattle. Apparently the first of its kind, shockingly, but clearly serves a purpose that someone has thought of https://reut.rs/2Bu0uYT.

So, even though you may think that everything has been thought of, you are wrong. One idea may sound crazy to some, there is often a logical reasoning behind it. You want to go and do something, go and do it.

Have a fantastic end to the week and the upcoming weekend. With no Six Nations this week, hopefully I will not be resorting to the Antiques Roadshow again.