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Feeling Empowered And Respected In My New Work Home

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July 23, 2018

It is always a little daunting when you are asked to do something outside of your comfort zone. So, when our Marketing Manager approached me asking if I could write a blog about my first year at BWD, I was like “errrrmmm, yeah of course, but I will need some help.”

After a little bit of encouragement and guidance, I was relishing the opportunity to express my journey for people to read. It was the first time I have been asked to do something like this and it is not every day you are presented with this opportunity, so here goes.

A Little History

After ten excellent years of internal recruitment for Tenet, it was time to expand my horizons. I had a few interviews, but having met the Directors and senior team members at BWD, I instantly knew I had found my new ‘work home’. A cliché often used in articles such as this one, so I am going to call it female intuition. All the ladies reading this will understand exactly what I mean, and as for the guys, I am sure you have heard this phrase in some capacity before.

New Home

Having a young family, I required a new work home that was accommodating to my needs. I was looking for a 4-day week and ability to finish earlier than the standard set hours. BWD provided this flexibility from the outset, understanding my circumstances and were more than happy to implement my requirements. With this all agreed, I joined BWD as a Senior Consultant within the Regulatory, Risk & Compliance Division.

On my first day, I was shown to my desk, greeted by a bottle of bubbly and a welcome card from the Directors. Just a little touch that makes you feel appreciated, even though I was yet to get started. I met my new work family and was all set for my induction, already knowing my intuition was spot on.

Let’s Smash This

There is a well-known phrase in the industry, an internal recruiter is a failed recruiter. Considering this was my previous position, I wanted to prove the phrase was a fallacy and was not applicable to me. I had the support of the directors, my colleagues, past and present providing the confidence I required to be at the coalface once more.

Compliance is a market I know very well, but you would hope so considering its the division I am working in. My expertise lies within Compliance & Risk positions for the Financial Advisory market, an area I was very much aligned to at Tenet. Now settled in and induction completed, it was time to start filling vacancies and discover my objectives.

I sat down with my Director to discuss a plan of making my objectives achievable. He broke this down into manageable segments, business pipeline and development figures. After the meeting I felt empowered, respected and comfortable that it could be achieved.

My First Appointment is Just The Start

My first task was to recruit a Compliance Manager for a boutique IFA group. Utilising my experience and the BWD methodology for researching candidates, this vacancy was successfully filled in a matter of weeks. This appointment was followed by a Policy Manager, Business Quality Assurance Manager & Group Risk & Audit Manager.

Having successfully filled these positions, I got that buzz consultants get. That feeling of helping people in the next stage of their career, knowing you have made a difference. Receiving lovely messages and cards from clients and candidates, thanking you for finding that opportunity or person they were looking for. It truly is a wonderful feeling and I have kept every card and message received. They are an excellent reminder of what a great job you are doing and provide you with that little boost that you sometimes need.

That boost is sometimes required as it’s not all plain sailing, filling vacancies and making everyone happy. You have some months better than others, having to make those calls to candidates telling them they were unsuccessful. Being informed by a client the role is no longer available, when you have put in all that effort to shortlist potential candidates. These and other scenarios have happened to me in my journey at BWD, but the pros of the job far outweigh the negatives.

The team around me, and when I say team, I mean everyone in the company, have supported me from day one. Despite being a part time female consultant in a male dominated environment, you would think that it would be quite intimidating, but you would be wrong. It is a team effort and everyone wants everyone to succeed. You may have also heard about the amazing rewards that are provided at BWD via recent posts. I am one of the lucky ones who has qualified for Porto and probably wouldn’t be going, if it wasn’t for the support of my colleagues.

So back to that target. Did I meet it? Yes, I did, finishing my first full year 189% of target and now have Las Vegas in my sights.

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