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Are you an experienced recruiter looking for a new challenge? Are you an experienced Financial Services Professional looking for a change of career? Are you a graduate looking to make that career choice? We're here, and we want to hear from you.

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A top-class work-life balance, the most friendly and supportive teammates you could wish for, and a career that puts doing the right thing first. Sounds ideal right... but not always the things that come to mind when talking about recruitment?

Well this is exactly what working at BWD is all about - it’s these principles that run through everything we do. It’s why for example, we all work to a full-pay, three-day weekend- and still knock the competition out of the park! It’s why we average seven years of service (and counting). And it’s why our clients trust us to do great work every time.

So to continue to make it work, we need the best. We need bright, talented people with the attitude to succeed - and the ethics to want to do it the right way...


First of all, when we welcome you into our team, you’ll notice that we care about you not just as an employee, but as a person.

This means:

- Working to a full-pay, three-day weekend. Friday is your day because we passionately believe in having a real work-life balance that allows you to spend more time with your family, indulge in your hobbies, or just take a bit of r&r at the end of the week!

- Health & Wellbeing package, including Private Medical and discounted gym membership

- Extended lunch so you can take the time to go to the gym - and still, keep your evening

- Flexible working - we love that we have an office full of encouraging, passionate consultants. But presenteeism is a bit old-fashioned... we trust you to do a great job at home or in the office.

- Being part of a fun and friendly social scene with some of the finest and most decent recruiters in the market. We organise social events throughout the year and our annual sports day is always a blast!

And when you start working at BWD, we make it our mission to support you in your career goals. This means:

- Mentoring program tailored to fit your needs and level. We want to help you settle in and feel part of the team right away!

- Clear promotional path based on your goals. You’ll always know what you need to do to step up and we’ll support and trust you every step of the way.

- Being well rewarded for your efforts with a market-leading salary, up to 50% commission, and unforgettable trips abroad to reward you for your great work.

- You’ll have the tools you need to not just excel in your role but learn new skills to develop your career. For example, you’ll have a LinkedIn licence with access to recruiter and learning - with interesting and helpful courses from industry leaders.

- Ongoing training for every step of your career with our ‘leadership academy’. We want to help you build and shape your career with us and achieve the goals you set.


We’re interested in character, not qualifications. We’re looking for people who share our values of doing the right thing, rather than whatever it takes. People who can communicate with empathy and understand how to build lasting relationships. And we’re looking for people who want to take responsibility and ownership for their own careers, genuinely love what they do, and have fun doing it.

And of course, experience is a valuable bonus. Our clients are in Financial Services and trust us as industry experts, so if you’ve worked on the recruitment or client-side and are looking for a positive change, we’d love to hear from you.

So if you feel you’d fit in here, let’s chat. Just drop our Head of Recruitment, Gareth Davies, an email at gareth@bwd-search.co.uk and we’ll get back to you personally. 



It was an absolute delight to work with the skilled experts at BWD to find my current position.  Having a deep understanding of the sector, they took time to properly understand my experience and goals, thereby ensuring potential vacancies were closely matched. By working closely with the candidate and keeping regular communication, everyone benefits. The long and short of it was, I was offered my new role in a matter of weeks. I can highly recommend you give them a call.

AB, Head of Marketing (Hampshire Trust Bank)

I would highly recommend James to others in Financial Planning or Wealth Management. From the very beginning James was personable, interested and listened to what I was after. He was realistic with expectations and able to offer solutions to problems that were posed. I was not actively looking at the time but James reached out in a personalised manner about a specific opportunity that he, correctly, thought I would be suitable for. He was able to offer me alternative positions to the one he initially suggested so I was able to gain perspective, and flexible to work around my needs.

Financial Partner

James took the time to not only understand my current personal and professional position but also helped me see a new future in a rapidly changing Financial Services Sector. James understands both the company and the candidate he represents resulting in a great personal and cultural fit. The advice, guidance and discussions gave me the confidence to make the next step in my career. James knew the opportunity was the right move for me before I did, and this is testament to his skill and experience in the sector. I would highly recommend James to anyone seeking a new role or a company looking to build their team.

Financial Planning Director

Jordan understands his clients’ businesses well and goes above and beyond in providing relevant and useful preparatory information ahead of interviews. This extended to providing an overview of interviewers’ style, career path and immediate desires for the incoming candidate, which well surpassed information available on LinkedIn. This allowed me to not only prepare for the technical side of my interviews, but also to tailor my interview approach to the interviewers style. I really feel that this gave me an invaluable edge and this has demonstrated that Jordan’s level of commitment to candidate preparation is, in my mind, unrivalled in the recruitment market.

Director of Compliance - Markets

I would highly recommend Harry to anyone looking to change to a different actuarial employer.  He listened carefully to what I was looking for and clearly has good contacts within the industry as he found a number of potential roles that would be of interest which results in a successful move.  Throughout the process he was very proactive and always kept me in the loop of what was going on, including following  up on questions I had with my new employer and dealing with salary negotiations.  What impressed me most was that he didn't give me "the hard sell" or try to persuade me into a role when I wasn't sure - he would give you the space to weigh up the options and make sure you make the right decision.

Actuarial Consultant

Jon is an exceptional recruiter and provided considerable support and guidance from the application stage through to working in the role. This, combined with his considerable knowledge of BNY Mellon and the wider financial industry, ensured that I was extremely well-prepared for the interview process. I can't recommend him enough.

Vice President, Compliance & Control

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